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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Ass-Backwards-Barbie!

I have heard--and seen--some strange and wonderful things in my life, and truly...there is little that can surprise me anymore. However, last night I heard something that, if nothing else, gave me a good chuckle. A friend steered me toward the tale of the hapless Southerner who needed to have a rather...eclectic foreign object extracted from his ass. guessed it...a Barbie doll!

Now, I can imagine that it didn't feel...umm....too bad going in. Kind of like giving birth backwards, and the head isn't even that big--nothing like pushing out three small watermelons like I did. However, once inserted, and with those pointy little hands and feet now pointed outward...I could see that the removal process could be a little more....problematic? Hence the need for internvention by medical personnel.
So, after the giggles died down, the enormous question of "WHY?!" reverberated through the room. Why would someone do such a thing? Surely it can't feel...good. Are they into pain? What is the purpose of shoving a variety of foreign objects into the rectal cavity?

And other than the possibility that he was inspired by this Eddy Murphy song, I don't have any answers, because frankly I, personally, am not partial to even the most benign anal play. So, the thought of inserting beer bottles or (egads) wine bottles, or live gerbils (aka one version of felching) into that particular orifice is quite beyond my comprehension. However, that doesn't mean I can sit in judgement and say it's "wrong" to want to do such things. And neither can I presume to postulate the attraction to such a fetish...or any fetish, for that matter (and there ARE some doozies!)

And for that reason, I think I'm going to join a fetish site that I know of and see if I can find someone to answer some of those questions, but in the mean time, just for fun, I looked up this list of weird and wonderful sexual fetishes
A couple of favorites out of that list would be:
Formicophilia: deriving pleasure from having insects crawl on your genitals. Kind of like a vibrator, I'm thinking...only without the need for batteries.
Plushophilia: the attraction to stuffed animals. Well, if you're into beastiality this is a nice, benign alternative to the sheep farmer's big rubber boots and velcro gloves!

(Btw...yes, that is a "Pooper-Scooper Barbie" in the picture.)

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