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Saturday, April 10, 2010

She kissed a girl...and they didn't like it.

Perhaps this is a bit repetitive. But the theme of homophobia will probably continue to make appearances in this least for as long as it's an issue in this world. And today the issue is in MY world. This little incident took place very close to home, therefore is much more personal for me.

Not to say I believe...or ever believed that my hometown (i.e. the general region where I live) is perfect, or free of discrimination and intolerance. Believing that would be akin to believing in unicorns, dragons, or the intelligence of your average Alaskan governor. No...I wasn't nearly so naive, however I have never actually experienced the discrimination myself. Well...unless you count being outcast by friends because I write the word "fuck" and believe that sex is something to be talked about ane enjoyed rather than closeted and indulged in in tiny, measured quantities and under very controlled tiny pieces of communion bread. (We Mennos use bread rather than wafers.) Anyway...I digress.

So...I still haven't experienced such things personally, however this story is close enough to home to give me pause: A Stir Over Women's Kiss. In a nutshell a couple of young women were reprimanded in a local restaurant when their goodbye "peck" lingered just a little too long. Okay, so the admission that the "peck" lasted for twenty seconds does make one's eyebrows go a bit askew, however, it certainly doesn't sound like they were holed up in the corner with their hands in each others' pants either. The owner's declaration that this is a "family" restaurant and her decision to ask them to leave would have applied to ANY couple and had nothing to do with the display of an alternative sexual orientation...echoes hollowly in my ears. I have a really hard time believing that anybody would have looked twice at a man and woman sharing a slightly prolonged goodbye kiss. Whether intentional or not, I believe this little incident is the result of a hyper-sensitivity to people having the nerve to flaunt their "aberrant" sexuality in public.
So...I have half a mind to haul my hubby down there and test the situation. But if we share a kiss in full view of the staff....and are not reprimanded, exactly who do we complain to? Or maybe...maybe....I should call up a bisexual buddy or two and head on down there for a little experiment.

But that would be bad. Right?


  1. "“They were kissing,” said Adlys. “They were carrying on,’’ in front of other customers, including seniors and a woman and a child."

    Well, at least they've acknowledge that adult men are the only ones who are really prepared to deal with the scary stuff, like car chases, bear hunting and girl on girl booth action.
    Queen Victoria would not be amused.

  2. Yes! I noticed that, too. Heaven forbid the virgin eyes of senior citizens be on....

    One thing, though...shouldn't it be "bare hunting"? Then again...where WOULD you keep the ammunition?

  3. Its a very grey area as to how and whom a restaurant proprietor is allowed to eject or refuse service to. While a restaurant is a public establisment, it is technically private property and therefore such decisions are "at the manager's discretion". But, after reading the article and Ms. Adlys's words and opinion of the resulting facebook group, I smacks of targeted discrimination.

    “If you want to make love, you go behind closed doors not in the middle of a family restaurant,’’ she said. ....uuhh, 'scuse me but since when does a closed-mouth (or even open-mouthed) kiss equate "making love"?

    I think it would be a very interesting idea for you to take your hubby down there and give him a pleasant, lingering, loving kiss. And I kinda wonder how many other people might take up that idea in light of this article too.

    And if you do want to see what they say if you came in with a woman and tried it, I think I'm free on Monday afternoon!

  4. What an opportunity for a Improv Everywhere kind of event. Imagine maybe 6 couples of ALL orientations, standing up and kissing on cue while documenting the whole thing....just sayin'

  5. Now, now...I can't be held responsible for such subversive behaviour! Irresponsible, yes. Responsible, no. ;-)

  6. I like it. I think events should be staged in cities all over the place. Designate a certain day as "Kiss who you like day" and just have all kinds of people/couples kiss in all kinds of public places at a set time on that day.