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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Valentine card for my hunny...'s Valentine's Day. That Hallmark day of roses, chocolates, long lingering looks, sexy lingerie and overpriced cards. But for as much as I roll my eyes at the obvious commercial motivations behind this rather...contrived holiday, I can't deny that taking a special day out of the year to show your special someone...or much you appreciate them is a good thing! Most of us take each other for granted far too much, and heck...any excuse to go out for a nice dinner and eat chocolate!

However...having said that, my hunny and I don't generally make much of a fuss over the whole Valentine scene. Oh, over the years I've gotten my share of cards, and I've baked a couple of giant heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies. But this year, as has happened on many Valentine's Days over the past 26 years with my hunny, I suspect the day will flutter by with little more than a sweet kiss and a "Happy Valentine's Day, hunny. I love you." There will be no perfume or chocolate, and if I get a card I'll appreciate it, but the honest truth is...I feel loved and appreciated and like a princess almost every day. So I feel no need to, on this particular day, prop my hands on my hips, thrust out my chest...and demand my due share of adulation.

AT the risk of sounding like I'm bragging...and sounding like a Diva...I'm going to list all the reasons that my hunny is the best hubby in the whole wide world:

Just last month he brought me a bouquet of flowers just because. (note the pic!)
I routinely get hour-long massages, complete with scented oils and affectionate kisses.
We watch movies together all the time, and that includes the occasional chick flick--without complaint!
He is, without a doubt, my biggest and most outspoken fan.
He takes me out dancing on a regular basis, and often encourages me to go out for the my allotted "girls' night on the town."
He is a great dad. And he knows how to clean!
He isn't big on cooking, but he bakes the most amazing cakes. White chocolate lime cheesecake is his specialty.
He is a slow, sensual, patient lover.
We laugh together.
He tells me that I'm sexy and that he loves me at least five times a day.

I know there's more, but at the moment I can't think of anything. Suffice it to say I feel damn lucky to have found him, and I hope this blog helps to show him how much I appreciate him. Every day. And that I plan to appreciate him every day for the next 30 years.

So, how about you? What are your Valentine traditions? Hopes? Peeves?

Spoiled Sex Diva


  1. You forgot: 1. He can wear a woman's trisuit onezie and pull it off - figuratively and literally.
    2. He's got the biggest heart that side of the Prairies!

  2. That's true! I always forget about his Onezie talents. lol
    And thanks, Wylie. I KNOW IT!