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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gay germs threaten prom!

Yes, it's true. Apparently two girls were planning on dancing together at a prom...hence proof that the Apocalypse is at hand! Uh..."Pardon," you might say? "Girls dance together all the time! At age 18 few boys have the confidence, let alone the rhythm, to risk shaking their booty in public, so girls take to the floor together in droves!" Ah...but the difference is... they're typically all in dresses, right? Normal, average, god-fearing girls deck themselves out in cleavage-baring, body hugging, bow-laden, taffeta-rustling gowns that are destined to embarrass them in photos for years to come!

 The fact that one chose to wear pants is...abormal. Unseemly. And...well...scandalous. Right? Umm...didn't we get over that issue around 1969? So the true issue here is, obviously, the fact that the two girls made their relationship public by asking permission first. Don't they know the simple golden rule of, "It's better to ask forgiveness after than ask permission first"?

So, thankfully it's all a happy ending, the day being saved by a well-meaning humanist organization with a few thou to throw at the problem and make it go away. So YAY for the fact that a good group of kids got their prom and the fact that the word "private" didn't turn out to mean "exclusionary" as well. But after reading the comments on this story, I have to agree with one person who observed that this is not really a solution. It doesn't really tackle the problem. While this is a happy ending for this particular group of kids, it does nothing to tackle the basic, inherent problems in this situation: bigotry, intolerance, ignorance and, yes, homophobia.

It's too bad the community didn't stand up and rally for their kids, insisting that the school board reinstate the prom and stop their ridiculous self-righteousness and posturing. But perhaps that's asking too much of a state that only gave up segregation a mere 50 years ago. I mean...what if one of the girls had been white and the othe black!? I shudder to think.

We have come a long way. I mean...I have so many reasons to be grateful for the school system that provides for my children. My sons have had some awesome teachers--teachers who have asked some really tough questions, and laid down some really tough lines when it comes to attitudes and how kids are to treat each other in their school. My son's highschool even has an organized group for gay kids, their friends and their family. I can't imagine that something like this would ever be an issue here...and for the most part I think North America's tolerance level has improved greatly over what it was fifty years ago. But that doesn't mean it isn't still an issue that merits our attention and that needs to be talked about. Loudly!

And on that note...I'm thinking my next blog post will discuss bicuriosity in women. I'm thinkin' Katy Perry knew what she was talkin' about...


  1. I kissed my wife, and I liked it!

    What is most irksome about these arbitrary spontaneous rules about intercourse is that they are usually made up by well meaning administrators who don't want a few disgruntled individuals to get upset. They..."THEY" are always acting on the "best wishes of the majority". There is no such thing is a majority in our culture. Everyone is unique, just like everyone else.

    Few people are gifted enough to be able to perceive what others think and feel. Sadly even fewer people are wise enough to realize that limitation.

  2. Funny. I KNEW you were thinking that!

  3. What is truly sad is that the school not only canceled the prom hurting ALL of the students, it also set the young lady up as a target for their anger. Hopefully the rest of the student body is classy enough to know where to place their anger - the school!