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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hedge trimming

I am a product of the current day porn culture. No...I don't sit in a darkened room, blinds drawn, scouring the Internet for images of naked men doing unspeakable things to each other. Well...okay...I HAVE done that, but for research purposes only. Really! Ahem...At any rate,  I don't do it on a regular basis. But that is beside the point.

When I say I'm a product of the present day porn culture, I am referring strictly to today's standards of grooming. And today's standards of grooming are, in fact, pretty strict! Hair on a head or on a chest, and even on a sinewy pair of forearms is quite acceptable...even sexy. just about anywhere else is generally considered rather...unsavory. So, yes I shave. Every other day or so...and pretty much everywhere. Save for the "landing strip" nod to the fact that I am, in fact, a mature adult female, there's little to no evidence of the waist-high hedge that was once was. And I demand the same of my partner. My hubby began his new grooming ritual about the same time I did, about six or seven years ago. And we haven't looked back since.

Sure, it's a pain. But since I choose not to go the waxing route, that's a figurative statement, rather than a literal one. (btw, from what I hear the laser option ain't exactly a stroll on the beach either)It's time-consuming and somewhat finicky, but other than my time and the anguish of the occasional ingrown hair (life's a risk) it costs me nothing.  And, for me, the benefits far outweigh the deficits. I mean who likes to floss during fellatio? Or cough up hair balls during cunnilingus? I shudder to think of the days when such things were an actual issue! Just as I still shudder on occasion when I read erotic novels that still make mention of that traditional "nest of curls" or "silken thatch." As I recall there wasn't anything silky about it, more closely resembling steel wool than the down of a milkweed plant. But maybe that was just me. lol

I know there are those who still balk at it. Who see it as a twisted reversion to the look of a "little girl", or who just simply don't see the need. And to them I say to each their own! But I would advise anyone who is considering returning to the dating scene after a lengthy absence to think long and hard about this issue. The strippers and the porn stars may not exactly be the icons of a generation...but I fear their genitals just may be. They've set a certain standard of hygiene and personal grooming, and if your choose to ignore had better be prepared for the reaction when your hedge pops out of your yard for the first time!


  1. AAAAAAAhahahhahahaha! "Hair balls" LOL!

    I agree, my personal preference is clean shaven - men or women. Ok, a wee landing strip, or VERY closely trimmed (but not so much that its prickly) is totally acceptable. But I'm definitely not one for the bushy look.

  2. For the guys... aside from little buggies no longer having a place to nest, shaving makes your wang look bigger. That should be reason enough for any guy. I've been shaving for 17 years now - forget wax!
    The only thing I find a tad disconcerting is a shaved man and a shave woman having sex looks like a pair of pre-pubescent kids. Maybe it is better to keep the landing strip or SRO arrow in place. Call me sexist if you will, but the arrow and strip looks better on a woman than on a guy... at least I assume so.

  3. Although I have no issue with the landing strip or with a "neatly trimmed" rather than clean shaven look...I actually take issue with the pre-pubescent kids thing. I've heard it before and I just don't buy it. If children actually looked like THAT? Well...I'm thinking they'd need to visit an endocrinologist! It's just all about perception and preference.
    And buggies? Ewwwww!

  4. Matters of a sexual nature aside, you know that a high degree of full body manscaping is necessary in my chosen avocation. You also may know that I spend a lot of time naked in public showers. The problem with bas couture is that in these public spaces, the pubic spaces become far more obvious. "Fitting in" has never been my priority. But sometimes sticking out doesn't work so well in the small city.
    Still I agree, prepping the surgical field, as it were, makes sense and is directly proportional to how hirsute one is.